Cool Wheels  – Hipstamatic 201

I’m still catching up with ‘normal’ life after a delightful few weeks in Italy – more on that when I have finished sorting and processing an embarrassing quantity of photos.  Meanwhile, a Southside Camera Club excursion to Robbo’s Motorcycles, a local Harley-Davidson® dealership, provided a totally different subject to help me re-focus on the here and now.

Motorcycles bring out my close-up and abstract, arty side.  Machines as sculpture – all those curvy metal shapes and reflective surfaces.  They are challenging to photograph, especially in the bright, white light of the showroom, but well worth the trouble.  I spent a wonderful morning with these amazing machines – my thanks to Robbo’s for giving us the opportunity and making us so welcome.

I love the way the Hipstamatic iPhone app brought out the cool, steely blue of the metal (which must have been reflecting my blue cardigan), while my SLR’s sensor responded to the cool, white light with a golden glow I could not bear to ‘correct’ in post processing.

Warm Wheels – D700, 105 F/2.8 micro

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  1. Susan Stayer  | 7 July 2011

    What a fun and interesting photo excursion! So many possibilities.

    Did the dealer talk you into a nice Harley?

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