Smartphones and Cyanotypes


Cyanotype Still Life 

Everything old is new again:  my latest Different Strokes article looks at a hi-tech, digital incarnation of plastic camera photography and the fun of making cyanotypes.  You can find it here, in the October 2010 edition of Capital Image (page 18).


  1. Susan Stayer  | 25 October 2010

    Hey Andrée!

    I LOVE your cyanotypes! They're fantastic! I love the corners where you can see the brushstrokes. The chairs might be my favorite. They really do make an interesting diptych.

    I also enjoyed your most recent Different Strokes column. Can't wait to see what you do in Wendy Currie's workshop!

  2. Andrée  | 25 October 2010

    Thank you, Susan!

    This stuff is so much fun I can't wait to learn more. Thanks again to Lorna & Co!

    Congratulations on your brilliant chooks, by the way — I love them!

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