Spring Blossom


It’s too easy to overlook the photo opportunity just outside the front door.  Quite literally, in this case – every Spring I mean to photograph the blossoming crab apple trees lining the path by my front door, walking by day after day, thinking “I must come down with the macro lens and see what I can make of this”, then letting the days slip by until the opportunity is lost for another year.

Then, at a portraiture class on Sunday afternoon, I found myself shamefully out of practice with spot metering and manual exposure settings.  I drove home determined to refresh my manual photography skills at the first opportunity.  And there were the flowering crab apples…

I was thinking of Chinese flower paintings and watercolours on heavy, absorbent paper.  And Spring, of course.

D700, 105 f/2.8 micro

Grounded Weathervane

I’m sorting through my photo collection, looking for candidates for my submission to Holiday Snaps – a Members’ Postcard Show (11 to 21 February 2010), the next group exhibition at PhotoAccess. I have promised ten 4×6 inch prints and, as always, I’m cutting it fine on the timing and interpreting the brief widely – anything to bring together a nice variety of ‘holiday spirit’ (i.e. fun) images.

D700, 28-105 f/3.4-4.5

I’m back! (apologies for the hiatus…)

Nikon D700, 85 f/1.8

It’s been a long break, due partly to circumstances and partly to sheer confusion about why I wanted to keep this blog going when I also had a Flickr page and a “proper” though much neglected website. Silly, really. I did manage to make some new photos last year, against the odds, as well as doing some writing for the Canberra Photographic Society’s Capital Image newsletter, and I like the idea of the photoblog because it feels more personal, somehow. Besides, I enjoy writing as well as imaging, so let’s see what happens.

Here’s to a fresh start and lots more photography in 2010! I’m full of fine photographic resolutions, with “update and refresh the websites!” high on the list.