Catching Up

On the Way to Portofino

I love January. It is the quietest month as summer settles in after the silly season. Suddenly there is time to catch up with sleep, friends, family, the backlog of half-sorted photos, unfinished projects, the blog (ahem!), travel plans and everything else that gets pushed aside during the busy times.

I am still sifting through my photographs from Italy. This pair were taken from the bus on the way to Portofino, on the last afternoon of the Liguria Within The Frame workshop.  I love the challenge of photographing from a moving vehicle – it is a lot of fun as well as a wonderful exercise in timing and composition – and wrote about it in my November 2011 Different Strokes article, here (on page 23 of Capital Image).

My last article for the year was Holiday Tasks (here, on page 13), which takes a light-hearted look at ways to keep some photography happening during the festive season when we don’t really have time and energy to spare.

Have Cameras, Will Travel – the Art of Being There


Beach Huts Near Portofino

I had a wonderful time in Italy last April – not least on the Liguria Within the Frame workshop with David Duchemin, Jeffrey Chapman and a small group of committed photographers. I am still absorbing what I learned along the way – more on that and the workshop in future posts and/or articles – but my latest Different Strokes article talks about the core lesson: preparation is important, but being there is essential. You can find it here, in the July 2011 edition of Capital Image (page 25).

Don’t Blame the Equipment!


Unsharp photos, the bane of my life – except when I’m playing around with plastic cameras and other ‘creative blur’ approaches. Soft and moody has its own charm, but I’m trying to remember that even famously unsharp Holga, Diana and Polaroid cameras give better results with a bit of care and application on my part – and the solution for my DSLR is not necessarily a shiny new lens!

My latest Different Strokes article is available here, in the August 2010 edition of Capital Image (page 12).

Polaroid 600 Spirit

Showing Off

Whew! One of my New Year’s resolutions was to take up every exhibition opportunity that came my way in 2010. Deadlines are good, I thought, they will force me to start working on some of my project ideas. At that stage it wasn’t obvious that several deadlines would come together to give my life that extra edge in May/June. Still, I made it, learning so much from the experience that my latest Different Strokes article practically wrote itself – you can find it here, in the June 2010 edition of Capital Image (page 22).

And the exhibitions? They were: Access All Areas 2010: The PhotoAccess Members’ Show (Huw Davies Gallery, 29 April–16 May); Thredbo – A PhotoAccess Group Show (Huw Davies Gallery, 20 May–6 June); and Diversity is a Nine Letter Word (Strathnairn Homestead Gallery, 15–30 May). Finally, Out There 2, the Canberra Photographic Society’s annual exhibition opens today at the Watson Arts Centre (1 Aspinall St, Watson; 1–11 July; gallery hours 10am–4pm Thurs-Sun).

The photo? It’s Autumn Reflections 5, last of a series I made in 2006, rediscovered when I was preparing work for the Diversity exhibition.