I write an occasional column called Different Strokes for the Canberra Photographic Society‘s online newsletter, Capital Image.  Some of those articles are re-published here.

Jaipur Elephant by Andrée Lawrey

Keep Learning, Stay Inspired



Alawrey_Delhi_03Learning Experience
Photography workshops:  the fun of hands-on learning and a chance to get out of our comfort zone.


Vintage Delights
Re-discovering the joys of slow photography.



Challenge Yourself, Challenge Your Equipment
A fun creative challenge:  photographing from a moving vehicle.



Camogli harbourHave Cameras, Will Travel — the Art of Being There
A few lessons from a trip to Italy:  hauling less gear and being more in the moment can only help the photography, while an iPhone adds to the fun.


Nikon D700 and 18-35 zoom - pretty sharpDon’t Blame the Equipment!
Grappling with one of life’s eternal questions: why are my photos softer than they should be? (My inner geek had a field day but I managed to avoid buying new gear.)


Thredbo DuckShowing Off: the Exhibition Blues
There’s nothing like a series of projects with hard deadlines to focus the mind. Seeing your work out there is worth the insecurity, panic and exhaustion, while the learning experience can be priceless.

Grounded WeathervaneRefresh, Revive, Re-inspire
Reading new photography books and dreaming of photo tours inspired some resolutions for kick starting my photography after an enforced break.

The Original ApricotsPolaroid Nostalgia
Indulging my new fascination with Polaroid photography.  Polaroid has stopped making instant film, but enthusiasts around the world are still having fun with the remaining stock.