An iPhone in Italy

Roman Flare and Afternoon Trees 

Many of my favourite images from my visit to Italy last April were taken with my iPhone. The Hipstamatic app I was using just seemed to suit my subjects and the holiday mood I wanted to convey.

I exhibited this pair in Access all Areas 2011 – The PhotoAccess Members’ Show in May. I was trying for silhouettes but the iPhone sensor, the Hipstamatic app’s Helga Viking lens and the angle of the sun conspired to deliver some additional special effects. The only post-processing I did was to crop off the white border around each photo, which doesn’t look good in prints.


  1. SIMages  | 4 July 2011

    Amazingly, they're a perfect fit for a diptych! Glad i bought them!

  2. Andrée  | 4 July 2011

    Taken about two weeks apart, in different places, too… I'm thrilled that you liked them enough to buy them – thanks, Lorna!

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