Twelve Months

Inspired by Susannah Conway and some of her blog friends, here is a review of my photographic year.


Near Guthega

 A Southside Camera Club excursion to Guthega, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW gave me a chance to test my legs on some easy mountain walks and prove I was fully recovered from past injuries.  I still grin with delight at the memory.


Sydney Reflection

 Seen on the way to the Annie Leibovitz exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art on a busy day trip toSydney.


Tyres for Sale

Still working hard on the Fyshwick project.



Italia!  A joy, a delight and a photographic feast, including a wonderful tour with my friend Luiza and an excellent Within the Frame photo workshop with David duChemin and Jeffrey Chapman.  Special thanks to all concerned, old friends and new, for a delightful experience.  It’s thanks to you that I’m still dreaming of Italy! More of the iPhone in Italy series can be seen on my website.


Night Tree

Home again and having fun challenging the iPhone camera in tricky light.


Seen in Kembla Street

A gift!  Spotted at the very end of shooting for the Fyshwick exhibition.


Done at last!



Taking a break and playing around with the iPhone.



I love this Ballarat café, with its retro décor, soft colours and hearty breakfasts.  The 2011 Ballarat International Foto Biennale was also a special treat.


Benedict House is always a joy to visit.  We love the food and the photo opportunities in equal measure…


Favourite Cactus

Two splendid potted succulents guard the front door of PhotoAccess.  Sometimes I snatch a photo as I go by.  More often, I remind myself to go back when I have time to make some cactus portraits…


Kiln Reflections

A visit to the ANU School of Art brought some unexpected ph0to opportunities.  I particularly liked the fragmented reflections in the faceted surface of a kiln (I think it’s a kiln) in the courtyard.